Hi! I'm Ben.

I'm a technology enthusiast with a passion for code. I code both for school and just for fun.

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Featured Projects

Tiger Dining Alexa Skill

Use Alexa to find out what's on the menu at the dining hall!

Gnome Dash Organizer

Organizes the apps view of the GNOME dash dynamically by category. Now with user customizable category folders!


Basic set of online question-based games, written in HTML, CSS, and JS. Uses AJAX to fetch answer database.

Escape The School!

Platformer written in Python using PyGame. The goal is to collect all of your belongings and sneak out without running into too many people!

VRC 3796A Starstruck

RobotC code I wrote to control my VRC team's Starstruck robot. Throws stars and cubes over the center fence using a claw mechanism.

VRC 3796A Nothing But Net

Code written in RobotC to control my VRC team's Nothing But Net robot. Uses a flywheel to shoot balls on an X-drive base.

VRC 3796A In The Zone

Code written in RobotC to control my VRC team's In The Zone robot. Uses a bar lift to raise mobile goals and cones to score points.

POE Ball Sorter

Code I wrote to control my team's ball sorter. Detects the color of a ball by reflecting light onto a photoresistor.

LightshowPi Shell

A basic shell to control lightshowpi playback and manipulate lightshowpi playlists.

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